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My purpose was simple: I wanted to hear what other people thought about it. As far as implications are concerned — that is the question I asked folks to weigh in on — my view before I posted was largely reinforced by considering the hundreds of comments. From my perspective, the most important implication is that it is more evidence that Scientologists are trained into constructs — to the point of confusing the map for the territory.

Their attention is focused with a great deal of intention and discipline on mental trauma. Conscious, two-valued logic based, and three-dimensional time-space construct based perception is finely disciplined. This results in increased focus and force of intention. In exercising such scientologists are led toward attainment to pre-defined abilities and states of consciousness — known as end phenomena in Scientology auditing.

L. Ron Hubbard and “Dianetics”

They are promoted and preached as static, permanent states again using two-valued logic, materialistic terms. I have seen evidence of people becoming better at communication, problem solving, personal responsibility, handling of upsets, and moving out of fixed conditions through application of these constructs.

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Sometimes they even achieve alleviation of psychosomatic disabilities along the road. Then, rather consistently, I see them forfeiting their intellectual honesty and curiosity in vain defense of what got them a boost in the aforementioned abilities. In the course of that defense I have witnessed those people become decreasingly effective at communication, problem solving, personal responsibility, handling of upsets and dealing with fixed conditions.

One faculty that is critical to spiritual growth is neglected, and then disabled, along the scientology route. In my view it is at the heart of the decline and reversal noted above. That is intuition. When I use the term intuition I use it in its broadest possible sense. It has been said that the sixth sense could be considered conscience and the seventh sense intuition. I think that paradigm makes a lot of sense and have found it workable in practice. If one abides and nurtures a healthy conscience, attention and awareness is cumulatively freed to perceive and explore greater horizons.

That includes those horizons that are not accessible to the traditional five senses; but are visible through intuition. In Scientology, once the aforementioned, dictated abilities are attained and even during the quest , one is required to forfeit his conscience. I cover it in greater detail in A Course on Graduating From Scientology , and suggest means for not only recovering conscience but also rising to the level of intuition. Initially, intuitive powers are largely ignored in Scientology.

As much as Hubbard at times preached the value of pursuing positive gain rather than negative gain e. One begins his auditing with lengthy sessions defining Dianetics and Scientology constructs. A number of provisions are enforced to make the constructs real. Then hundreds of hours can be spent auditing out the now-considered malady of thinking in mental image pictures.

Or, if a person does not originate incidents from past lives, again he is treated as a special case and subjected to special remedies. Those include running incidents from movies the person may have seen. It even encourages the running of imagination as reality until such time that the person believes that imagination is in fact reality. Ron Hubbard or his appointed scientology ecclesiastics is the result of undisclosed crimes the thinker has committed or deeply seated evil intentions he or she harbors.

By elevating the emeter above judgment and understanding, the two-value logic construct is cemented in place. The all-knowing meter, being a two-valued, binary charged or uncharged? Ron Hubbard once preached against developing meter dependency. But, like with so much in Scientology, he also preached the precise opposite. For example, in — his self-proclaimed year of greatest technical breakthroughs — he ordered hundreds of long-time, dedicated Sea Org staff to hard labor concentration camps when the meter determined, in most cases against obvious available evidence, they were anti-social personalities unknowingly out to sabotage Ron Hubbard.

Again, we run into that super-charged word as the only one that can accurately describe the result of yet another scientology dichotomy, cognitive dissonance. Some of the faculty of intuition can be brought out in the solo auditing process. Should the practitioner even consider the construct as construct, intense thought patrolling as summarized above is employed to correct him.

What is never permitted to be recognized which an unmolested or nurtured intuition would easily perceive is that it is the process of exercising intention across distance — and communicating telepathically — that hones intuitive powers. It is not that which one focuses on, extends intention toward, and communicates with that does the trick. As a result the upper OT levels can become the route to slavish compliance to the perceptions and the guiding laws of the physical universe. More on this in a Course on Graduating from scientology , and possibly later posts. There are a lot of benefits to be had from increasing focus and power of intention as I have acknowledged in this essay.

The question I pose is, at the end of the day is the effort worth the cost in scientology? For many, they consider that it is. Provided those who fit into that category respect the rights of others not similarly inclined they have nothing to fear from me.

What is Wrong with Scientology, Part I: Destruction is in its DNA

I have spent my entire adult life working to guarantee their right to continue along that path. But, now my attention and intention is directed toward working with those who intuit that there are in fact broader horizons than Scientology permits exploration of. Tagged "mark rathbun" , Intuition , l. Given recent vicissitudes in these parts it is not practicable for me to be hosting visitors and engaging in lengthy, uninterruptible sessions.

Yet, the desire for guided tours out of the Scientology philosophical labyrinth continues to be expressed. I have come up with a solution that may be workable given current conditions and apropos given the evolution of what we do. The course is organized by reading assignments followed by one to one discussions after each venture. I call them ventures Oxford Dict. Definition: a risky or daring journey or undertaking not because of any real danger.

What Is Wrong with Scientology? by Mark 'Marty' Rathbun (2012, Paperback)

I am simply highlighting the risk that Scientology contends faces people when they are invited to face and use their minds — something Hubbard once gratefully acknowledged Freud for discovering was not in fact dangerous. The apparent daring or risk involved is simple — if Scientology is the only road to ultimate freedom, and Hubbard really is the unforgiving God set forth so strongly in Scientology policy, there will be hell to pay for those venturing along such a path.

The course does not prescribe a particular ology, ism, or path. Instead, it is designed to equip an individual to choose and blaze his own way. The course does seek to make sense of Scientology at the upper levels and to understand what in actual fact Hubbard was attempting to address. In that regard, following through with the full course requires a fair amount of study assignments. That might be desirable to those who entered Scientology with the intention of learning the secrets of the woof and warp of the universe, but gave up when they recognized Scientology would not truly reveal them.

Others who find it simply uninteresting or lacking in other respects are free to drop out at any stage. In order to participate, simply set up a hushmail. Tagged "mark rathbun" , Graduating Scientology , l. Ron Hubbard devised methods using Aristotelian and Newtonian two-value logic constructs that can and do sometimes create peak experiences of a non-dual, infinity-logic consciousness nature.

What Is Wrong With Scientology?: Healing through Unde by Rathbun, Mark 'Marty | eBay

However, Hubbard also constructed a philosophy that is simultaneously inculcated into adherents that anchors them into two-valued logic thinking and living. The philosophy includes as a senior element, an utilitarian ethics system. The ethics system is made senior and precedent to the peak experience therapy techniques that otherwise could give glimpses of intuitive non-duality. The utilitarianism of the ethics system is only apparent. Its representation that it is based upon infinity-logic is false in practice.

That fact makes the system, in fact and in practice, a two-value logic system. Edward Lottick , stated that his initial impression of Scientology was that it was similar to Dale Carnegie 's techniques.

However, after his son's death, his opinion was that the organization is a "school for psychopaths ". After Dr. Dr and Mrs Lottick submitted affidavits affirming "the accuracy of each statement in the article", and stating that Dr Lottick had "concluded that Scientology therapies were manipulations".

They said that no Scientology staff members attended the funeral of their son.