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Why not pick up something that looks like it then? Polymer knock-offs of popular firearms are easy to find if you look in the right places like Mexico. Quality Increase The other end of the scale is that some small Auto-Lathes turn out imitations of the cheap polymer guns made with good quality plastics and metals, thus increasing the reliability.

Actually any weapon can be purchased with a higher grade of materials or workmanship.

Rapid Take-Down Rebuild This set of midifications allows a rifle or SMG to be broken down rapidly into three parts for ease of transport stock, action, barrel. Reliability of the weapon is reduced one class.

Rechambered Barrel and Receiver Group A good gunsmith can rechamber most firearms to fire larger or smaller caliber munitions. Increasing the caliber of a firearm can be done to a slightly larger bore 9mm to 10mm at a -1 WA, and major reboring 10mm to 12mm will result in a -1 WA and -1 Reliability.

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Recoil Compensation Through the use of Gas Vents, Ports, Muzzle Brakes, Recoil-Dampening materials and construction and so on, semi-automatic weapons with rates of fire of 1 or 2 can have their rate of fire increased by 1. ScanGrips by Techtronica Special memory-plastic grips linked to the safety and electronic sighting devices on your firearm.

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When you and only you grasp you firearm, the grips set themselves to your hand and read your fingerprints, only on a positive match will it disengage the safety and turn on the electronics. Can be combined with Custom Grips. Security Chipping This is a SmartWeapon add-on that locks the firing pin mechanism until a pre-authorized person interfaces with the weapon people are checked by the serial numbers of their InterFace Plug firmware.

When originally installed the weapon can be chipped for up to 6 different interface combinations. Changing an authorization requires a Routine CyberTech roll by an authorized user, taking 5 minutes. Selective Fire Any gas-action automatic weapon can be converted to selective fire. This adds a selector switch between single shot, 3 shot burst and full autofire. Full Autofire is at -2WA, and weapon reliability is reduced one level. Side-Saddle Ammo Holder This attachment clips onto the side of internal-magazine weapons and holds 6 shells.

Commonly used with pump-action shotguns and the ever-popular Boomer Buster, they do seem to add an air of intimidation to a weapon. Solenoid and Electric Triggers This mod can only be done on caseless weapons. Tactical Flashlight Rig This under-barrel adaptor hooks up to a rifle, shotgun or sub-gun and holds a high-power short flashlight for use in light-deficient situations.

Also available with IR and UV flashlights. Expert's Prototype Brand. Silverscale Static Plates. Schematic: Silverscale Static Plates. Expert's Prototype Mortar. Titancore Combat Assist Module. Conscript Galacticore Claws. Schematic: Conscript Galacticore Claws. Warmonger Breaker. Schematic: Warmonger Breaker. Expert's Prototype Talons. Serviceable Platinum Shredder. Blackheart Invader's Psionic Dagger. Schematic: Blackheart Invader's Psionic Dagger. Life Weaver's Moon Star.

Schematic: Lifeweaver's Moon Star. Darkpool Alchemist's Strikers. Schematic: Darkpool Alchemist's Strikers. Blackheart Invader's Spikes. Schematic: Blackheart Invader's Spikes. Thermock Slayer. Schematic: Thermock Slayer. Conscript Galacticore Gauss Rifle. Schematic: Conscript Galacticore Gauss Rifle. Platinum Geoform Shard. Expert's Capstone Blasters. Thermock Razor Grasps. Schematic: Thermock Razor Grasps. Thermock Autocannon. Schematic: Thermock Autocannon.

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Master's Complex Brand. Expert's Capstone Brand. Expert's Capstone Chargers. Master's Complex Chargers. Master's Complex Blasters. Darkpool Gunslinger's Neuroguns. Schematic: Darkpool Gunslinger's Neuroguns. Spectral Shockers. Schematic: Spectral Shockers. Darkpool Gunslinger's Assault Gun. Schematic: Darkpool Gunslinger's Assault Gun. Silverscale Neurostar.

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Schematic: Silverscale Neurostar. Master's Complex Neuroblade. Astrovoid Chargers. Schematic: Astrovoid Chargers. Astrovoid Mortar. Schematic: Astrovoid Mortar. Silverscale Gravblade. Schematic: Silverscale Gravblade. Conscript Steelcore Astral Blade.

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Schematic: Conscript Steelcore Astral Blade. Legion Xenocite Decapitators. Conscript Platcore Handguns. Schematic: Conscript Platcore Handguns.

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  5. Spectral Musketoons. Schematic: Spectral Musketoons. Conscript Xenocore Blade. Schematic: Conscript Xenocore Blade. Conscript Galacticore Katana. Schematic: Conscript Galacticore Katana. Spectral Moon Star. Schematic: Spectral Moon Star. Conscript Steelcore Handguns.

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    Schematic: Conscript Steelcore Handguns. Daggerstone Infiltrator's Force Plates. Schematic: Daggerstone Infiltrator's Force Plates. Conscript Xenocore Wrist Blades. Schematic: Conscript Xenocore Wrist Blades. Conscript Galacticore Resonators. Schematic: Conscript Galacticore Resonators. Conscript Xenocore Chargers. Schematic: Conscript Xenocore Chargers.