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Description Rose quartz crystal pyramid Approximate size 3. Rose quartz crystal point pendant sterling silver.

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Links Page. Due to their sacred geometry shape, they have the ability to focus amplified energy through their point. Quartz pyramids also help to cleanse and restore balance within your space. Please note: there is a slight chip in the point of this pyramid. As part of our spiritual garage sale, this item is a special price, does not come with a description card and is final sale. In ancient Egypt, the pyramids were considered a very sacred geometrical shape, as they represented the descending rays of the sun.

There is a very unique energy that resonates within a crystal pyramid. Its shape allows for a powerful ability to harness a higher vibration of energies, radiating focused energy through its apex. Quartz pyramids have a very harmonizing and balancing effect, helping to cleanse and restore energy balance within your space. When placed in your environment, or sacred space, these crystal pyramids help to increase focus and clarity, while decreasing negativity and harmful energies. They are excellent crystals for meditation, opening and balancing all your 7 chakras.

Along with quartz crystal points, Quartz Crystal pyramids are the most powerful tools for amplifying energy and intentions. They are highly programmable, making them an ideal crystal to place atop your written intentions for manifestation. They will direct your intentions up into the universe, to help manifest them faster. Quartz pyramids are also powerful to place in the middle of your crystal grid. You can also create a crystal grid with a larger crystal pyramid in the center, with 4 smaller crystal pyramids around it—this is VERY powerful. There is only one of these crystals - you will be receiving the one that is pictured.

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Details In ancient Egypt, the pyramids were considered a very sacred geometrical shape, as they represented the descending rays of the sun.