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Sten (Sten #1)

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British STEN Gun

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February 26, E - A simple framework for user onboarding February 22, Everything Easy is Hard Again February 11, Personas February 11, While the assault was a complete failure for the Allies and a resounding victory for the Germans, the STEN gun was a proven commodity under battlefield conditions. In practice, initial British impressions were mixed for the utilitarian finish and outward appearance of the weapon left much to be desired.

It was only in consistent operational service that the STEN family shined, capable of rough in-the-field service and adequate reliability while providing voluminous fire from a relatively easy-to-handle frame.

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The STEN did suffer from lingering misfeeds which led to jamming, an issue with the family that was never wholly resolved in all of the war. A full count magazine was capable of producing this effect which led to many service members utilizing only 30 rounds less pressure on the magazine spring.

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Sten (STEN Adventure #1) - AbeBooks - Allan Cole; Chris Bunch:

Additionally, the heat of battle saw operators making use of the side-protruding magazine as a forward grip to which, with enough tight pressure, could unseat the magazine from its feed, causing a jam at the worse possible moment. As such, operators were generally taught the proper method of holding their STENS which involved the support hand under the barrel heat shield with the magazine resting on the bent supporting arm, the butt against the shoulder and the primary hand at the trigger area as normal.

By , over 4 million STEN guns had been manufactured in its various production marks. The weapon saw use beyond that of organized military establishments for they proved equally popular with partisan movements, rebel groups and individuals requiring high-volume fire from a compact package. They certainly made for excellent urban fighting guns where space was limited and the weapon could also be hauled with ease through forest terrain without fear of snagging.

The simplicity of the STEN's overall design meant that it could be taken apart into its basic components, transported under the nose of enemy authorities and reassembled as needed, made ready to fire within minutes.

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Some 28, were produced under the name of "Gerat Potsdam".