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Attacking cardio before hitting the weights increases your core temperature and provides greater oxygenated blood circulation, serving the muscles better. Further benefits of doing cardio before weights include stretching the muscles prior to lifting heavier loads, setting your body up for a more productive workout. Traveling from town-to-town and wrestling matches per year puts a lot of obstacles in the way of staying motivated and finding the right place to train.

Like many of us busy gym-goers, Buddy could easily call it a day when the going gets tough, but he instead turns these obstacles into challenges.

One of my favorite things about traveling is experimenting with different workouts in different gyms. Buddy cut out sugary sodas and alcoholic beverages as a means of reducing his calorie intake. Taking out refined sugars and excess carbs will help your body maintain healthy levels of the hormone leptin, providing a boost to weight control.

WWE: 50 Most Painful Wrestling Moves in History

Additionally, Buddy was able to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Buddy also found that ridding himself of junk food provided him with even greater focus. The results that you get out of your diet and training will be in direct relation to the effort you put in. Buddy applied himself percent in making the weight for Live!

Common Wrestling Aches, Pains and Injuries

This was due to his all-in commitment and serves as great inspiration for the rest of us, no matter how large or small our goals may be. And that goes for anything that you want to do in life, if you truly want to be successful at it. Following on from making the grade and entering Live! His next goal is to lift the title, potentially bringing it home in the process when WWE returns to Melbourne on October 6. We all know how that turned out. This could potentially create mayhem.

Honorable Mention: Barry Horowitz

But instead of accepting the fact that his political career is a creation of the Fox News echo chamber, Donald Trump, at least to this point, seems to actually believe that he is a viable candidate for presidency in This episode reveals the greatest peril in the creation of a spectacle. Did he really think he could control someone like that?

Especially given the lather into which the conservative base has been worked over the past half-decade, in particular by Fox News. In wrestling and politics both, you reap what you sow. But if you're Roger Ailes, faced with the prospect of Donald Trump as a dominant force in Republican politics, is that really a solution you're willing to brook? Are you comfortable making him your hero in a general election?

This is the impossible situation into which Fox News and the Republican Party have navigated themselves. Media pundits have been caught off guard by the resiliency of the Trump campaign, seemingly impervious as it is to the traditional rules of play.

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